• Control and flexibility


    Automotive dealership solutions to improve
    performance and profitability.

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  • Driving the Dealership


    Scalability and affordability in a robust,
    powerful Dealership Management System.

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  • Driving the Relationship

    FLEX Services.

    From training and support to hardware and
    software, a full suite of services and
    customized consultation of your choice.

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  • Driving the Future

    FLEX Connect.

    Open, secure and continuous access to
    third-party application providers of
    your choice.

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Master the power of control and flexibility

The newest generation of our DMS combines legendary reliability, value and flexibility with advanced new functionality and powerful third-party applications integration.


Comprehensive with a unique combination of functionality, scalability and affordability.
FLEX Connect

FLEX Connect

Open, secure access to third-party application providers of your choice.
FLEX Services

FLEX Services

A full suite of services, regardless of the DMS you use.

Experience the energy of today's Autosoft!

  • New vision
  • Innovative products
  • Customer-focused
Learn more about Autosoft and FLEX Solutions, our new suite of software and services that put you in the driver's seat of your dealership.
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